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  • Smart Relief Small Hand Shaped Pads

    Smart Relief Small Hand Shaped Pads

    Small size of Smart Relief Massage Pads Only:$9.99

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    Special Price: $14.99

  • Smart Relief Charger

    Smart Relief Charger

    This Smart Relief Massage AC adaptor Only:$19.99

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    Special Price: $24.99

  • Smart Relief Ear Clips

    Smart Relief Ear Clips

    Smart Relief Ear Clips Only: $39.99

    Regular Price: $69.99

    Special Price: $59.99


Our Smart Relief Massagers (Tens Units) Electronic Pulse Massagers are the top of the line when it comes to the Mini Massagerscurrently on the market. Better than the Pinook Mini Massager, Pinook Micro Massager, Pinook Nano Massager, Pinook Ipro Massager, Pinook Medi Pro Massager, Massage Mouse, Hidow XPO Massager, Hidow XP Micro Massager. Magic Massage Ultra, Magic Massage Pro.

These revolutionary products use Tens (Unit) technology and are actually based on the same electronic stimulation technology that Chiropractors and Physical therapists use every day.
The difference between these devices and regular tens units are the fact that tens units are made simply to treat pain versus our Smart Relief Massagers (Tens Units) are built with 3 main benefits: Treat pain , Massage and Relaxation , and Work out / Tone muscles.
Smart Relief is committed to your satisfaction and health and we are proud to present to you the newest highend electronic stimulation massagers that are out on the market at the most competitve prices.
Get yours today.