2 Large Universal Replacement Electrode Gels Pads


One set (2 pads) of large universal conducting gel replacement electrode pads for TENS/EMS massagers

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Our set (2 pads) of universal large sized Smart Relief electrode gel pads for TENS/EMS massager can be used for all of our TENS/EMS massagers and many other TENS massager brands with the snap connector including Palm Massager, Hi Dow XP, Hidow XPO, Massage Mouse, Ismart Massagers, Mini Masseuse Massagers, Magic Masseuse Massagers, Rhythym Touch Massagers, and Pinook Mini Massagers. Each set is reusable and can last 7 months or more with proper cleaning and maintenance. Each pad measures 3″ x 1.8″ and features a non-adhesive and non-sticky gel which conducts electricity safely from the TENS unit to your skin.

TENS Unit Massage Pads Maintenance and Care:

  • Always remember to apply a few drops of water on the sticky surface of both pads before and after use
  • To maintain the cleanliness of the massage pads, always apply a few drops of water and cover them with protective films after use
  • Depending on usage, each pair of massage pads usually last 7 months or more
  • When the massage pads completely lose their adhesiveness, simply replace with new pads

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