Replacement Electrode Connector Wire (3.5mm)

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Replacement connector cable for your Smart Relief TENS device or any TENS/EMS device that uses a 3.5mm outlet. This TENS wire is made for snap-on connect gel pads.

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Did your Smart Relief Massager pad wires stop working? Are you feeling one Massager pad stronger than the other? Chances are you may need a new cable. Our Smart Relief TENS pad wires are designed for snap-on gel pads and devices with a 3.5mm. They can be used for all of our massagers and the following brands: Magic Massage ultra, Magic Massage Pro, Palm Massager, Hi Dow massagers, Ismart Massagers, Mini Masseuse Massagers, Magic Masseuse Massagers, Rhythym Touch Massagers,and Pinook Mini Massagers.

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