Smart Relief Ultimate Massager


Smart Relief Ultimate Massager

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Package Includes: Features:
Smart Relief Massager Digital control display with blue back lit screen
2 Large Pads  
2 Small Pads Adjustable timer for your convenience (10-60 minutes)
Pad Holder 20 levels of intensity with double outputs so you can work 4 pads at the same time
Pad Wires Dual ports that you can control separately
USB Charger Extremely small dimensions (Smart Relief Ultimate Massage is smaller than an Ipod!)
Instruction Manual Rechargeable Lithium battery
Acupuncture Chart One charge lasts over 42 hours!
  10 massage modes (Kneading, Cupping, Lomi, Massage, Assorted, Deep Tissue, Acupuncture, Butterfly, Shiatsu-Deep, Sports Mode)

The Smart Relief Ultimate Massager Tens Unit is our newest most advanced unit!

This feature rich and very portable device can be used for pain relief and muscle toning practically anywhere. While you are sitting in your favorite arm chair at home or if you are a long haul truck driver on the highway!

The Smart Relief Ultimate Massager is a must for athletes, body builders and anyone with extreme pain, especially anybody sitting at a desk using a computer everyday!

If you have been living with chronic pain, neurostimulation may be an option for you. Over the past 40 years, neurostimulation has helped thousands of people manage their pain and return to normal activities.Neurostimulation, however, is not a cure for what is causing the pain and does not treat specific diseases. Instead, it is a therapy that is designed to mask pain by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain.

The Smart Relief Ultimate Massager relaxes the body’s electrical system by contracting and releasing the muscles, which relieves tension in the entire human body. You have to try it to believe it, the Smart Relief Ultimate Massager is more than just a Neuro Stimulator, it has chips that are programmed with multiple bio-electrical signals. These signals are sent out in phases with variable speeds (from slow to fast) to produce the very best massage sensations.

The Smart Relief Electronic Pulse Massager Tens unit is pre-programmed with so many combinations of signals that it keeps you guessing on what’s going to come next; Tap, Stroke, Knead, Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping. Why pay $80/hour for a session to a massage therapist while you can get instant massages in the comfort of your own home? You will be amazed by the massage sensations produced by this hands free massager. It feels like the fingers of a real massage therapist applying massage techniques on your sore muscles.

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