Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS Unit & Massaging Belt Combo

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IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF – TENS therapy quickly blocks pain signals sent to the brain providing immediate relief to the affected region. If you’ve been treating your chronic pain with drugs or expensive therapy, TENS may be an alternate solution.

10 MASSAGE THERAPIES – These TENS/EMS therapies include Swedish massage, acupuncture pulse therapy, chopping massage, kneading, Reflexology, cupping, Gua Sha, assorted pulsing, trigger point therapy, & Thai massage.

MASSAGING BELT TARGETS BACK PAIN – Electric stimulating belt offers dual functions: helps alleviate chronic back pain with TENS therapy & help tones or sculpt your abdominal muscles with EMS mode.

DUAL MODE & 20 PRECISE INTENSITY LEVELS – Set different electric massage therapies on up to 4 pads & set the pulse stimulation intensity separately so you can cater your therapies independently & simultaneously.

FDA-CLEARED & WARRANTY PROTECTION – This is an FDA-cleared Class II device & includes a comprehensive 2-year warranty that protects against defects, batteries, & displays.

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Smart Relief’s newest Ultimate 1020 TENS massager and back pain relieving belt has been redesigned to provide more power, control, and flexibility over your favorite massage therapies than ever before. Along with the Ultimate 1020’s newest features, the electrostimulating TENS belt has been designed to provide targeted and optimal pain relief to the lower, mid, and upper back region. Smart Relief’s electric belt for back pain allows up to three extra large pads and the device to be held securely in place giving you the freedom to go about your day and continue to receive pain relief for as long as you like. This back massaging belt can also used to help tone your abdominal muscles by stimulating your core stomach muscles with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) therapy. The electric ab toner belt works by transmitting electrical pulses through your stomach’s abdominal muscles to contract and relax involuntarily. This therapy not only helps condition your muscles, but promotes improved blood flow.

Smart Relief Workout Belt can provide relief to common problems associated with sore and aching muscles on the back and waist area.



1. Snap the Jumbo massage pads to the connectors located on the inside of the workout belt.
2. Pull out the wire on the front of the belt and connect to your device.
3. Carefully wrap the Smart Relief Workout Belt around your torso with the inside of the belt facing your lower back or abs, depending on your therapy preference. Fasten the Velcro ends together.
4. Turn ON your device and press the (M) button to start selecting your therapy.
5. For lower back pain, we recommend a therapy such as SWEDISH and set the duration to 10 minutes. Another great therapy is KNEADING, and the recommended duration of treatment is at least 20 to 30 MINUTES.
6. If you are looking to facilitate or improve a group of muscles, use ASSORTED or GUA SHA. Set the DURATION to at least 10 MINUTES and increase

features and benefits of Smart Relief Ultimate 1020

Easy to use, simply attach the electrode gel pads and connecting electrode wires to your Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS device and select your desired massage mode and intensity level.

We’ve designed the Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 for maximum portability so you can use your TENS machine just about anywhere from the car to your office and with a battery charge lasting up to 42 hours, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your electro-stimulation therapy for a very long time. Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 electric muscle stimulator is an FDA-Cleared Class II device and includes a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Massage therapies include Swedish massage, acupuncture pulse therapy, chopping massage, kneading, Reflexology, cupping, Gua Sha, assorted, trigger point therapy, and Thai massage. Each massage therapy mode features 20 intensity levels which means you can cater your sessions to your exact pain relief needs.

Included with the Ultimate 1020 TENS and Massaging Belt Combo: Ultimate 1020 TENS device, Smart Relief massaging belt, Smart Relief TENS ear clips, 3 jumbo sized electrode gel pads, 2 large electrode gel pads, 2 small electrode gel pads, 2 electrode connector wires, pad holder, TENS device carry pouch, USB/AC charger, and user instruction manual.

Overview of features and massage therapies of Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS device

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